Price - list


Regular standard cleaning of non-residential premises from 0,60 K/m2/day
2.a) Regular Extra cleaning services of non-residential premises from 0,60 K/m2/day
2.b) Sanitary service and procedures beyond the scope of cleaning from 110,- K/hour
3. Dishwashing from 110,- K/hour
4. Window cleaning incl. frames (calculated by area) from 6,- K/m2
5. Roller blinds cleaning from 12,- K/m2
6. Cleaning  of vertical textile blinds from 58,- K/m2
7. Cleaning of shop windows incl. frames from 5,- K/m2
8. Cleaning of profiled glass from 13,- K/m2
9. Cleaning of sun blinds and soffits from 110,- K/hour
10. Cleaning of lighting units from 14,- K/ks
11. Cleaning of wall linings and washable wallpapers with suction from 14,- K/m2
12. Wet carpet cleaning from 9,- K/m2
13. Wet cleaning of cushioned furniture from 30,- K/ks
14. Washing of curtains incl.removing from hooks and rehanging from 11,- K/m2
15. Washing and ironing of veilings incl. removing from hooks and rehanging from 25,- K/m2
16. Machine floor cleaning from 10,- K/m2
17. Waxing floors - two layers from 48,- K/m2
18. Sweeping of pavement, entrance staircase, yard... from 110,- K/hour
19. Cleaning of a parking space and a parking garage from 120,- K/hour
20. Year round cleaning of outdoor places from 120,- K/hour

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Definite price will be calculated after visiting your premises. It will depend on area, technology and material used.

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