Our services



  • emptying waste baskets and dicarding diposable items
  • washing all ashtrays
  • moping floors, kitchen cleaning, moping of staircase, etc
  • wiping of washbasins, sanitizing toilets, cleaning of sinks
  • dusting of all woodwork and furniture, and other furnishings
  • vacuuming of all carpeted areas
  • wiping doors around door knobs


  • dusting places with more complicated access (picture frames, windowsills, clothes rack and shelving, heating/air conditioning units, vents..)
  • cleaning of doors and door frames
  • cleaning and wiping dry bathroom, toilet and kitchen tiles
  • cleaning and polishing mirrors
  • vacuuming cushioned furniture


  • wiping central heating radiators
  • wiping light switches

Regular everyday extra cleaning of non-residential premises
- "Daily" plus as follows:

  • cleaning and wiping dry all woodwork
  • vacuuming cushioned furniture and cleaning of chair frames
  • cleaning of leather furniture (chairs, arm chairs..)
  • cleaning of computer accessories (monitors, printers, keybords..)
  • cleaning of other office equipment such as phones, faxes, copiers..
  • cleaning of kitchen equipment and devices
  • treatment of flowers and artificial flowers
  • sweeping and wiping entrance halls, incl.entrance zones
  • emptying of discarder machine
  • cleaning of all wastepaper baskets and polishing mirrors in toilets
  • cleaning of lifts

Sanitary service and procedures beyond the scope of cleaning

  • exchange of waste basket bags
  • checking and refilling toilet tissue dispensers and soap
  • disposal of non-office waste
  • material sorting of office waste

Other services

  • dishwashing (collecting from tables, washing and placing on shelves - daily, wiping of cupboards- weekly)
  • window cleaning incl. frames and sills
  • roller blinds cleaning
  • cleaning of vertical blinds
  • cleaning of shop windows incl. frames
  • cleaning of profiled glass
  • cleaning of sun blinds and soffits
  • cleaning of lighting units
  • cleaning of wall linings and washable wallpapers with suction
  • wet carpet cleaning
  • wet cleaning of cushioned furniture
  • washing of curtains incl. removing and rehanging
  • washing of veilings incl. removing and rehanging
  • machine floor cleaning
  • waxing floors
  • sweeping of pavement, entrance staircase, yard...
  • cleaning of parking spaces and parking garage
  • year round cleaning of outdoor places

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