About Us

Amama is a modern company that has been providing cleaning services for more than ten years. It was set up in 1991. At that time there was a growing demand for professional cleaning services and lots of companies switched from using their own employees to hiring specialized firms that were better able to meet theirs requirements. That meant such companies did not have to take care of their cleaning services which showed as an important cut in their costs. Amama grew fast because it was taking more and more orders as plenty of other companies in this field had not been able to provide high quality cleaning at reasonable prices and stopped being competitive. vzorný servis Amama proved to be financially strong enough to sustain these market changes and kept high quality of services without any support of foreign capital. Amama is still able to invest in new projects such as services in newly built buildings, industrial plants and other. Amama has always preferred quality, moderate pricing as well as flexibility in reaction to customer's needs. Our services and products are being improved constanly with a single goal - a customer's satisfaction. A complex insurance against damages is essential for all our activities but so far we have never once needed to claim any insurance money.

Amama uses special equipment and machines of well known makes such as Henkel Ecolab, Zenit, and Johnson. Services are provided by carefully selected staff with no criminal records. Our employees are trained so they know how to work with cleaning machines and how to treat chemicals. That guarantees a high level of safety for all our customers.

Amama provides complex services that are listed and described in more details in other pages within this web site. Please open the list of our services and the price-list.

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